Sage Osteopathic Clinic

What is Osteopathy?


Osteopathy is an established, holistic system of medicine, originally developed in the USA in the 1880’s. It uses similar procedures to conventional medicine, such as case history taking, clinical examination, imaging and laboratory investigations, to formulate a differential diagnosis. Osteopaths also utilise palpation, a highly developed sense of touch to complement their diagnostic process. Osteopaths have an enviable record in diagnosing and treating many musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) such as neck and back pain. However, the scope of Osteopathy is much broader than just the treatment of MSD, a view that the Jonathan at One Allan Park, Stirling  is very much in agreement with.

Is Osteopathy Just For Sore Backs?

Osteopathy is so much more than just the treatment of bad backs! It’s not just bones and cracking, far from it! Whilst Osteopaths have an enviable reputation of diagnosing and treating many musculo-skeletal disorders (MSD), the application of an integrated osteopathic approach (IOA) can help in the management of many complex health care problems. Osteopathy is similar to conventional medicine in so far as it uses case history taking, physical examination of the musculo-skelatal system and clinic examination of other systems of the body, e.g. neurological, circulatory, digestive, muscular to achieve a differential diagnosis. Following this, informed discussion between the patient and Jonathan can lead to an agreed treatment plan and the therapeutic relationship commence. At all times during ongoing treatment open communications will be perused between Jonathan and the patient, to ascertain that the treatment is working and if not then advice will be given as to whether to continue with IOA or refer to another practitioner.