Welcome to Sage Osteopathic Clinic

Jonathan Sage. BSc (Hons) Ost Med, DO, ND. BCNO 1998.
Postgrad Dip’ in Osteopathy for Animals (Equine & Canine) ESO 2006.

Sage Osteopathic Clinic was established in 1998. Jonathan prides himself on his honest approach to patient care. He has gained a reputation for clearly explaining the underlying causes of his patients’ presentations of symptoms, such as pain and stiffness and having taught anatomy for 8 years to degree level can communicate this information to his patients. He is highly skilled in the application of the appropriate osteopathic techniques for a multitude of problems causing symptoms. At the Sage Clinic individuals are treated according to their needs, this may be that symptoms are resolved within one or two treatments or alternatively it maybe felt appropriate and with discussion recommended that the patient attends on a regular basis to maintain good health and prevent recurrences of symptoms. We offer sessions from £40 for up to 40 minutes.

Experienced Osteopathic Practitioner

Expert Assessment of Patients Presentation

Safe Treatment to Reduce Symptoms

Our Locations

Inverkip. Burnside, 54 Main Street, PA16 0AS 

Monday to Friday 

10AM – 6PM 

Late night appointments available on request

Killearn, Lumsdaine Halls, 13 Balfron Road, G63 9NN

Tuesday & Thursday 

10AM – 6PM

Late night appointments available on Mondays on request